Station Ventilation System
istasyon havalandırma sistemi

Station Ventilation System

If the train remains stationary or stationary in the tunnel, passengers must evacuate the train as soon as possible and reach a safe area. This situation is defined as "Emergency". In the event of an emergency, tunnel ventilation fans connected to underground public transport systems should step in and provide both smoke evacuation and cooling of the station or tunnels, as well as providing a smoke-free clean space for the fire brigade and escape passengers to push the smoke in a certain direction.

About Station Ventilation System

The increase in transportation demand in the city centers formed with the growth of cities; metro, light metro or rail system and generally uses underground routes and stations. Although delayed in our country, rail system investments have started to intensify in recent years. As the rail system projects are being developed and implemented in various cities, especially in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, above-ground rail system routes are not planned in time, underground options are often evaluated.

Station Ventilation System which is one of our services with our 25 years of experience. In parallel with the developing technology, we work with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic team of experts.

Metro and Railway Ventilation Systems

Underground transport and rail systems are becoming more and more common, as they allow a large number of passengers and allow fast journey times. The network of high-speed trains and standard railways is now increasingly being transferred to underground tunnels to reduce environmental impact. Both applications require ventilation speeds. Large numbers of people flock to the subways and trains on the move lead to a reduction in oxygen and an increase in temperature and pollutants. In this case, mechanical ventilation is required to provide the necessary air exchange and to provide users with comfortable conditions of underground train systems.

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