Jet Fan Control System
Jet Fan Kontrol Sistemi

Jet Fan Control System

It is used to evacuate and direct the internal air flow, which provides controls to provide air flow in the parking lots and tunnels that are actively used in daily life. Compared to Ducted Systems, it creates less operating costs and noise level, but provides more usage area such as vehicle parking area. It is one of the most preferred ventilation systems in terms of evacuation and ventilation possibilities in areas open to active use such as car parks and tunnels. The Jet Fan Control System, which has been widely used in our country for the last 2-3 years, has been used for a long time in Europe.

General Features of Jet Fan Control System

Jet Fan Control Systems are manufactured in two different types: Axial and Radial. These systems operate the electric motors in double speed to facilitate the evacuation process and to provide air flow. The body structure of these devices is made by using 2 mm thick sheets. Installed in tunnels and car parks, these systems have silencers on both sides for silent operation. These systems have been specially designed to withstand a temperature of approximately 300 degrees for 120 minutes.

Jet Fan Control System which is one of our services with our 25 years of experience. In parallel with the developing technology, we work with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic team of experts.

What Does the Jet Fan Control System Do?

The answer to the questions of the Jet Fan Control System, which is actively used in many parts of the world, is actually very simple. Jet Fans can perform both ventilation function and smoke evacuation operations at the same time due to the double speed of electric motors for normal ventilation and smoke evacuation operations. Ventilation systems can be operated on both sides in order to evacuate when required in these systems which are established to protect the loss of life and property in possible situations in parking lots.

Where to Use the Jet Fan Control System

These ventilation systems, which are generally used in parking lots, are actively used in subway and road tunnels. Jet Fan Ventilation Systems, which are of great importance for people who use highways and car parks, are used almost everywhere in the world with the developing technology. These systems, which can be made economically without connection of air ducts in parking lots and highways, are provided to be discharged easily by directing the dirty air to the vertical shaft points after being installed depending on the effect distances.

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