Soft Water Hard Water Installation
Yumuşak Su Sert Su Tesisatı

Soft Water Hard Water Installation

Soft Plumbing Systems replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium resin base to remove the solids in water. When the base is full, it is rearranged with brine. Softening systems are frequently used in both domestic and industrial work areas. It is important for high quality water treatment process. Softening systems also improve energy transfer between treatment processes.
Hard water is water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. In its pure form, water does not contain hard water minerals and naturally water is soft. However, these minerals are collected when water passes through rocks containing calcium and magnesium, such as limestone. Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium) minerals in water form hardness (lime). Hardness minerals must be removed from the water since they harm the human health, especially the installation and the machines working with water. Water softening systems designed with cationic resin mineral are used to remove hardness from water. As a result of the displacement of Na (Sodium) ion and Ca and Mg ions in the resin, hardness is removed from the water. Water softening units are regenerating with salt (NaCl) in order to regenerate the Na ion which decreases with time.

Effects of Hard Water

Hard water has negative effects on human health, such as damage to the kidneys. In addition, it leaves stains and marks on dishes and bathrooms, and further damages household appliances. Leaves deposits such as sediment and lime, which cause clogging of the sanitary installation, disrupt the heat flow in the boilers and create overheating. It causes scale build-up in PVC pipes and reduces the flow of water. It clogs the shower heads, causing the hair to harden.

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Flow Controlled

Flow Controlled Water Softening Units Units are water softening units that automatically regenerate with salt water at the adjusted flow rates according to the raw water hardness degree and the amount of resin used. Regeneration intervals of flow controlled water softening units vary depending on the amount of water used.

What are the damages of hard (lime) water

• The life of all devices working with hard water is shortened.
• The resistances of electrical devices are damaged by lime coating.
• Heat and energy loss occurs because machines running with hard water will heat up later.
• Undesired stains left on the surfaces that come into contact with hard water are formed.
• In hard water, after bath or shower, soap residues clog the skin pores and harden the hair strands.
• Due to the non-foaming properties of hard water, soap and cleaning material consumption increases.
• Hardness minerals give an undesirable taste in food.
• Clothes washed with hard water appear dull and dirty due to minerals remaining on the fabric.
• The film layer and soap residues left by hard water make the surfaces difficult to clean.
• Damages the solar collectors.

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