Dehumidification System
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Dehumidification System

Excessive humidity bothers people, causes health problems and humidity in enclosed spaces, bad odors, malfunctions and damage to electronic equipment. In indoor pools, evaporating water and pool chemicals disrupt comfort conditions and damage the building. For this reason, evaporating water from the surface of the pool should be removed from the environment and the humidity in the environment should be kept below 60%. Dehumidification System provides control of humidity in indoor swimming areas, sports halls, baths and all other areas where dehumidification is needed.
Dehumidification System models, which are generally preferred for evacuation of water vapor vaporized in the indoor pool, to meet the fresh air required by the people in the environment, bring the pool environment to the desired conditions automatically with ile Winter Night ”and“ Winter Day ”modes.

Dehumidification Installation Positions;

Winter Night Dehumidification Position: Internal resürkile air and humidity and temperature value of the environment is kept constant. By-Pass position of fresh and exhaust air dampers is not taken outside air, the air inside is recirculated.
Winter Day Dehumidification Position: According to the human density in the environment between -20 fresh air and exhaust damper is kept open, between 90-80% open by-pass damper is circulated.
Summer Dehumidification Position: This operating system applies if the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor environment and the specific humidity is lower.

Dehumidification System which is one of our services with our 25 years of experience. In parallel with the developing technology, we work with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic team of experts.

What is inside the dehumidification system?

• Body
• Cooling Coil (Evaporator)
• Condenser (Air Cooled)
• Heater Battery
• Electric heater
• Heat Recovery Coil
• Fan
• Refrigeration Compressor
• Air filter
• Electrical and Automation Panel

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