Cogeneration Systems
kojenerasyon sistemleri

Cogeneration Systems

Cogeneration is the technology that enables the generation of electricity and heat together in order to use energy more efficiently. It is the simultaneous production together in the form of both electricity and heat by combustion of other fuels, especially natural gas, in an engine or turbine so this makes it available to businesses and the energies are generated simultaneously. Today, energy consumption is very high. The company has always been the leader in providing the highest efficiency to meet the energy needs. Today, cogeneration is the most popular system. Because a large part of the energy to be discharged can be used in the cogeneration system.

How Cogeneration Systems Work

The basic structure of the cogeneration systems consists of a motor / generator unit that generates electricity and an additional heat exchanger that uses waste heat. A wide range of engine cooling water, intercooler circuit, lubricating oil and exhaust gas are configured in accordance with the heat consumption profile of the gas engine. On the other hand, cogeneration systems can be supplemented with an additional hot water boiler or hot water battery for periods of high heat demand. Thus, there is an increase in the operating time and efficiency of the power plant.

In a cogeneration plant, the hydraulic equipment supplies heat to the plant, while the generated electricity is used by the plant where it is installed or sent to the national power grid. Hot water and steam can be generated from the thermal energy released from gas engines, or cold water can be produced with technology called hot air, hot oil or trigeneration. In addition, the exhaust gas is used for CO2 fertilization in greenhouses with some conditioning.

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Benefits of Cogeneration Systems

» Cogeneration generates both electricity and heat.
» Cogeneration uses waste heat from many sources to increase plant efficiency to over 90 percent.
» Cogeneration provides primary energy savings of approximately 40 percent in spite of separate power and equipment.
» Reduces or eliminates transport and distribution losses.
» With the addition of boiler system or hot water battery, it increases the operating time and efficiency of the plant.
» The generated electricity is used by the enterprise or sent to the national power grid.
» Cogeneration Systems can be used for the production of thermal energy heating water and steam, but also for different heat treatment types.
» Cogeneration or trigeneration is also used for CO2 fertilization in greenhouse systems.

Cogeneration Provides Uninterrupted and Clean Energy

Nowadays, natural gas distribution lines are available in many cities. Gas engine cogeneration systems can provide continuous and uninterrupted electrical energy to the user and can be disconnected from the local electricity network when necessary. The heat generated by the engine can be recycled as hot or steam for use.

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