DVM, 1 Way Cassette, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit

Slim and Compact Design Lighter Indoor Unit Silent Operation
  • 2,2 kW
  • 2,8 kW


Slim and Compact Design
With a height of only 135 mm, the Slim One-Way Cassette Type is the world's thinnest indoor air conditioning unit. The compact, lightweight design makes installation and maintenance easier than ever before. These high-performance units are cleverly designed to fit easily into any type and style of interior.
Lighter Indoor Unit
We are the first brand to use innovative US cabinets with our indoor units, making them the lightest in the market. The slim, lightweight design means that the devices can be easily installed. This is especially useful when it needs to be placed quickly on a large scale
Silent Operation
A quiet working environment not only means more comfortable for employees, but also contributes to productivity. The DVM Slim's innovative wing design reduces noise levels by 30 percent, enabling users to work and relax in a peaceful, stress-free environment. When operating in high or low speed settings, this air-conditioning unit's near-silent performance makes the unit as quiet as it is hidden.