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World's Lightest Unit Indoor Unit Design S-Plasma ion
  • 4,5 kW
  • 5,6 kW
  • 7,1 kW
  • 11,2 kW
  • 12,8 kW


World's Lightest Unit
Samsung's 4 Way Cassette S is now lighter at 17 kg. It is the lightest indoor unit that is 35 percent lighter than traditional products. Samsung is the first company to apply ABS cabinets to indoor units to provide the lightest units. Its slim design makes maintenance very easy and helps you install the world's lightest unit in the easiest way.
Indoor Unit Design
The new 4 Way Cassette S supports two panels with different designs. You can choose from Waffle and Classic patterns according to your interior appearance or personal preferences. In addition, the simple screen design with rounded corners adds a clean and tidy feeling to your sophisticated interior. The new 4 Way Cassette S unit is visually matched to your interior!


S-plasma ion
Clean your indoor air with Samsung’s S-Plasma ion! Priory-filtered air has become healthier with the S-Plasma ion device, which removes airborne contaminants, destroys bacteria, destroys allergens that airborne, and even neutralizes OH-radicals.This optional device can be easily installed by attaching the S-Plasma ion kit to the indoor unit.
All Around Airflow
The new 4-way Cassette S cools down your room. The new and practical design blades minimize blind spots at the corners of the panel and cover almost 360 ° around the indoor unit.
Powerful Airflow
The large blades of the indoor unit transmit cold or hot air over distances up to 5.2 meters to provide effective cooling and heating throughout the room.
Fresh Air Inlet
By installing Samsung's new 4 Way Cassette S air conditioning unit, fresh air passes through the unit and you can enjoy fresh air in your room.
Easy setup
Every corner of the panel can be removed: this makes it easy to adjust the height and makes installation and upgrading easier and quicker.