DVM, Medium Static Pressure Duct, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit

Small and light Automatically provides greater comfort and performance 3-way service access for easy maintenance
  • 12,8 kW
  • 14,0 kW
Small and light
Samsung DUCT S The air conditioner is easy to install and maintain. Its extremely compact design is 30% smaller in volume and weight compared to conventional air conditioners. Therefore, it is much easier to transport and install, even in small spaces.
Automatically provides greater comfort and performance
Samsung DUCT S The Auto ESP Adjustment function of the air conditioner works efficiently and automatically detects external static pressure (ESP) regardless of the length of the channel. It then quickly adjusts its performance to optimize air volume and pressure and minimize sound to provide maximum comfort in any situation. ESP can also be easily adjusted with a remote control that reduces installation time.
3-way service access for easy maintenance
Since most ducted air conditioners are installed in various locations, they require different access to maintenance. The Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner is designed to be accessed from three directions - top, side and bottom - with the easy-to-remove Slide Fit cover. As a result, it is much easier to maintain where it is installed - saving you time and money.
Optimized comfort
The Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner's Easy Tuning feature provides precise control to ensure optimal performance in every situation. You can easily fine-tune the operating power to suit your level of activity. You can minimize sound and save energy by using the most effective settings when working at maximum comfort or reading a book.
First class energy efficiency and savings
Samsung DUCT S The advanced technologies of the air conditioner have earned the Global Top Level SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for its exceptional energy efficiency to save you money. The large Sirocco Fan with its aerodynamic blades carries more air with less noise. The Compact Flat Micro Heat Exchanger is also extremely efficient and the Twin Rotary BLDC Compressor reduces vibration, making it quieter and more reliable.
You're in control anywhere and anytime
Optional Smart Wi-Fi function with an Application * on your smartphone Samsung DUCT S Allows you to remotely control the functions of the air conditioner and determine the operating time. Wherever a wireless network is available, you can turn it on and off instantly and select the operating mode and temperature. Or you can set the start and stop time and control other functions.
Digital Inverter
Samsung's Digital Inverter Motor is quieter and much more durable and energy efficient. Unlike conventional motors, the electric-type operation eliminates friction as there are fewer moving parts.
TBR Compressor
Dual BLDC Rotary compressor provides more gentle and reliable performance. Reduces vibration by 75% and is quieter than conventional compressors. It also offers guaranteed reliability up to 3.2 MPa at 65 ° C.
Straight Micro channel
The FME / FMC (Flat Micro Channel Evaporator / Condenser) is highly efficient, offering a 30% increase in efficiency compared to conventional Vane and Tube machines. Flat channels also help create an extremely compact and lightweight design that is normally 25% smaller.
EZ Discharge Pump
The easy-to-install optional EZ Discharge Pump prevents water from overflowing during evacuation and prevents the emergence of bacteria and germs that cause bad odor in stagnant water. Compatible with almost all indoor units and plug and play type.
Practical Filter
Unlike conventional filters that are often difficult to access, the Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner Practical Filter is located on the top of the air conditioner. Thus, the cover can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced without having to open or pull it out hard. In addition, its antibacterial coating neutralizes dust, harmful components and allergens.