DVM, Mono, Standard, Heat Recovery R410a, 380 ~ 415V, 50Hz, 3Ф, Outdoor Unit

More capacity options, lower costs More available space - without compromise Improved performance and energy efficiency
  • 14 HP
  • 16 HP
  • 18 HP
  • 20 HP
  • 22 HP


The World's Best in Energy Efficiency
Samsung DVM S offers models with high energy efficiency and ease of installation to help you get your business going.
Achieve high energy efficiency with DSI system
DSI Dual Inverter Compressor is a third generation system. The compressor improves the flow of refrigerant and the engine's performance. With this system, DSI achieves high energy efficiency. The two compressors work together to maintain total compressor durability for longer. With compressor speed increase and simultaneous start, the DVM S provides fast cooling and heating performance. In addition, the DVM S provides stable, even oil balance without the need for additional balancing pipes.


Reduces costs thanks to easy and flexible mounting
At 22 horsepower (HP), the large capacity unit of the DVM S facilitates economical installation with its small footprint and lighter construction. Pole-free communication between indoor and outdoor units facilitates wiring. Pole-free communication is safer because the outdoor unit protects itself if the communication cable is accidentally connected to a power terminal. The DVM S provides piping lengths up to 220 m (721.79 ft) without degradation in performance. Thanks to this technology, it can be installed up to a maximum height of 110 m (360.89 ft), which is equivalent to 20 times. The piping distance is too far between the outdoor and indoor units, so the individual indoor units perform capacity connection control and automatic refrigerant equalization. This increases the balanced performance between the units.
Find and fix issues with Automatic Commissioning Management (ACM)
DVM S is an intelligent management system that facilitates automatic diagnostics, automatic commissioning, automatic management and mobile data transfer. DVM S monitors the process status and displays an error code in response to abnormal operating symptoms, allowing users to diagnose the problem. If a fault occurs in the DVM S outdoor unit, the last 30 minutes of operation data are saved for automatic backup. Small holes in the front of the outdoor unit allow direct control of the unit status and option setting. With S-Checker, users can control the system with a smartphone or tablet, making management easier and more convenient. The ACM provides a lower commissioning time for DVM S for only 50 minutes. Test results are automatically saved and reported.
Reduce environmental impact with high energy efficiency
DVM S achieves high energy efficiency by using Dual Inverter Compressor with a Steam Spray System. This compressor provides powerful and fast cooling and heating with minimum energy consumption. The use of these units helps to conserve energy and the environment. In addition, the units help to reduce toxic substances by the use of R-410A gas, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. Reduced toxicants include mercury, lead and cadmium. Thanks to this green technology, DVM S is certified for Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Samsung Free Joint Multi (FJM) and Ceiling Air Conditioner (CAC) models consume less energy than other brands. As of January 2013, these models successfully met the energy requirements required by the EU. Each product has reached “A” class, and some have complied with restrictive regulations starting in 2014.
Less downtime with 12 hours of silent operation
The DVM S external fans have an operating control system that significantly reduces the noise level. Quiet operation continues for 12 hours, so users can enjoy less distracting factor during the night.