CAC, 4 Way Cassette, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit

Ideal for Long and Narrow Places Automatic All-Around Swing Oscillation Auto Diagnostic Mode
  • 4,5 kW
  • 5,6 kW


Complete your decoration with a sleek and light design
The new Samsung 4-Way S Cassette S ”indoor unit features a simple design panel and pattern options to best match the decoration. The unique lightweight casing makes installation easy, while the intelligent sash construction gives the unit a flawless appearance.
Separate control of the wings
The control of the Samsung 4-Way “Cassette S kum indoor unit allows users to change the angle of the sash, allowing users to perform more efficient cooling and heating. Users can individually control the opening of the four vanes at the same angle or at different angles in the range of 32 ° - 65 ° with the remote control to provide the exact comfort environment they want.


Homogeneous air distribution
The four-way air outlet can heat and cool every corner of the room. The new and convenient design of the blades minimizes the blind spots at the corners of the panel so that the entire perimeter of the indoor unit can be cooled.
Lightweight design
The Samsung 4-Way “Cassette S” indoor unit weighs only 17 kg and is approximately 40% lighter than traditional products, making it one of the lightest indoor units on the market.
Fresh air intake
Samsung Cassette Units allow fresh air connection to provide a cleaner and more energizing environment.
Easy setup and installation
The corners of the 4-Way Cassette S panel can be removed. This allows users to easily adjust the height, making installation and leveling easier and faster.