AR24NSJXBWK / SK Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner with Wind-Free Windless Cool Technology, 24000 BTU Capacity

  • 9,000 BTU/h
  • 12,000 BTU/h
  • 18,000 BTU/h
  • 24,000 BTU/h
Ruzgarsiz Serinlik Teknolojisi

Windless Cooling Technology

8 Kutuplu Dijital İnverter

8 Kutuplu Dijital Inverter

22179 Btu/hr



Capacity (Cooling, kW)

Cool Quickly, Stay Cool Without Direct Wind

Windless Cooling effectively maintains a comfortable level of coolness without giving off an uncomfortable cool wind feeling. Cool air is gently distributed through 21,000 micro-vents; so you don't feel too hot or cold.

* The Beaufort wind intensity scale defines “calm olarak as a cold draft-free air flow at speeds below 0.3 m / s.

Saves energy - up to 68%*

8 Pole Digital Inverter

The 8-Pole Digital Inverter consumes only 32% of the energy used by conventional models *. Maintains the desired temperature without frequent switching off and on; therefore it is quieter, more durable and efficient.

Tested on AR09MSPXASINEU in comparison with Samsung's classic model AQ09TSLXEA. *

Allows you to cool down quickly

Fast Cooling

Quickly cools every corner of your room so you feel comfortable everywhere. 8-Pole Digital Inverter Technology cools air 43% faster * and its triangular architecture spreads cool air further and wider**.

* Tested on the AR07M5170HA compared to Samsung's classic model ARN-CM63B. **
Tested on the AR09FSSSBWK compared to Samsung's classic model AQV12TWS.

Check out anytime, anywhere*

Wi-Fi Control using the Smart Home App

Smart Home Application; With Wi-Fi Control, you can remotely control the functions of the air conditioner and program its operation. It also gives you live feedback on how it works and allows you to monitor and limit power usage.

* * iPhone ve Android cihazlarla kullanılabilir. Network connection is required. A Samsung app account is required.

Enjoy a good night's sleep

Good Windless Sleep Mode

Good Sleep Mode with Windless Cool Technology creates the ideal room temperature for a good night's sleep without cold air flow. Temperature control with windless cooling helps you to fall asleep quickly, take a deep sleep, and wake up vigorously in the morning.

Classical .................... Good Windless Sleep Mode

Maintains Comfort Without Changing Settings

Windless 2 Stage Cooling Mode

2-Stage Cooling mode cools the air quickly in Quick Cooling mode and then automatically switches to Windless mode to maintain temperature. This means there are no cold spots and you don't have to change settings.

Reduces more than 99% of ultra fine powder

Ultra Wide PM2.5 Filter

Particles in the air can settle in your lungs. The PM2.5 Filter traps 99% of the ultra-fine dust in 100 minutes *, keeping the air clean. It also occupies 0 of the air inlet point; thus completely filters the incoming air.

* Tested by Chinese home appliance detection. Based on AR13KVSSLWKST (Room size, 30m)
Eco-friendly cooler
R32 Cooler
It uses a new generation R32 refrigerant with a Ozone Consumption Potential (ODP) of zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) lower than conventional refrigerants; thus much more environmentally friendly *.
* The Samsung classic model refrigerant has been tested on the R32 refrigerant in comparison with R410A and R22.

Reduces harmful viruses

Filter System

Keeps the air you breathe clean and healthy. Practical Filter traps dust and hazardous pollutants and allergens *. In addition, the ionizer reduces certain harmful viruses and bacteria by up to 99% **.

* Test laboratories in Korea (FITI / KEMTI) and Japan (ITEA). Data are measured under certain test conditions and results may vary depending on environmental factors.
** Kitasato was tested at the Center for Environmental Sciences (Japan).
Quick, easy to clean filter
Practical Filter Plus
The Practical Filter Plus is located on the outside of the appliance and can be easily removed, cleaned and reinstalled without opening the air conditioner door. Antibacterial coating filters dust, air pollutants and allergens.
* Test laboratories in Korea (FITI / KEMTI) and Japan (ITEA). Data are measured under certain test conditions and results may vary depending on environmental factors.
Stable long-term performance
Triple Protector Plus
Thanks to the Triple Protective Plus technology, it continues to operate in the most demanding environments. Prevents overloads without a separate voltage stabilizer *, has a stainless coating and is resistant to harsh conditions.
* Tested on the AR09HPSDDWK / SG compared to the Samsung classic model AR09HPSDFAP / RC.